121,000 Balls and Counting

We provide soccer balls to at risk children through after school programs
and put smiles on their faces!

Our Impact

​"The impulse to play, to share, and to dream can be unleashed by the simple gift of a soccer ball. Hunt4Soccer understands that childhood has no second chances and that owning a ball means having the opportunity to play whenever and wherever the inspiration strikes. And when there is a ball, a game will usually follow. The ball from Hunt4Soccer has the power to bring friends together for play, and as the excitement builds, you might just see childhood in full bloom with game-winning plays and Championships won in the roar of imaginary crowds."

--Colin Schmidt, Executive Director of America SCORES Bay Area. Colin has helped distribute over 4,000 Hunt4Soccer soccer balls to low-income youth in San Francisco and other high-poverty areas around the Bay Area. He has seen first-hand how children are moved by the story of Hunt and he has witnessed the smiles and excitement when a child realizes he or she is going to get their very own soccer ball.

"As a child, I really took for granted that I always had a ball to play with. But this is not the case for so many children around the world. Here in Los Angeles, Hunt4Soccer has allowed us to give a soccer ball to every child who participates in America SCORES LA. And over the past decade, more than 2,000 children have received new soccer balls. What an incredible impact."

"Here in the Palms community of Los Angeles, the Hunt4Soccer balls have made an incredible difference. Palms is one of the most densely populated areas of Los Angeles, and the Hunt4Soccer balls are often seen in the driveways of apartment buildings and the alleyways where children play. But what makes these balls so special is that the kids can keep them. They can take them home, and they can play with them when school is out and when our program isn't running. This can make all the difference."

"When we think of a soccer ball, we think of the game. But here in Los Angeles, the Hunt4Soccer balls are much more. Although the game springs from them, they are also the gateway to increased physical activity, friendship, health, and even academic achievement. They help kids remain focused and positive, and they provide a source of personal pride for each child. What could be a greater gift!"
--America Scores LA